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Here you can download eBooks, digital documents, tutorials, music and multimedia. We send digital documents all over the world.

Persona Digital Books A series of books present important topics in psychology, neuroscience, ethics, religion and philosophy.

Author, Stephen Gislason

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Persona Digital  Online offers a download service for books, music and other digital documents.  Electronic files are inexpensive, portable and can be sent anywhere in the world with no shipping or border crossing costs. Some electronic documents are free to download; others provide low cost access to valuable books, music, tutorials, audio and educational resources.

Music Downloads are albums, bundled as MP3 files in a zip folder. These folders are designed for quick downloads on high speed internet connections. The MP3 files will play on all computers, laptops, notebooks, smart phones, iPods, iPads, CD and DVD players and all portable music players. Some albums contain liner notes or minibooks as PDF files that introduce the music.

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Digital Education  We encourage teachers, students and libraries to purchase, study,  and distribute our digital documents. We offer multiple copy licenses as an option when you purchase our books. Our 2011 projects is to create short books that can be read in a one to 3 hours and used as source documents for course assignments. Our view is the students really need up to date information that is presently clearly and succinctly. Our short documents will include music theory and recording technology with examples.

eBooks are digital documents in the Adobe PDF format. PDF files require the Adobe Reader (free to download) that can used on all computers, laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and some hand held devices. eBooks are for people who are experienced reading eBooks and can do without a printed copy. Persona PDF eBooks are a good way to review a book before you decide to buy a printed version. They are printable and  you can copy selected texts and paste into a word processor.

International eBook Orders We encourage international  customers to order eBooks rather than printed books. The cost of shipping books is increasing. eBooks are low cost with no shipping charges and quick delivery. If you do not have eBook experience, we do recommend that you download and try The Adobe reader, sample our free eBooks and, if you like using eBooks, then order. There are many advantages to eBooks that you might appreciate. More about Free Books for Download 

Some Book Topics can be read online at this website

Sound of Music

Language and Thinking
Sounds into Words
Selftalk and Thinking
Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics
Talking and Cooperating
Polite Talk

I and Thou
Shared Consciousness
Sexual Kaleidoscope
The Meaning of Love
Ariadne's Thread
The Power of Love
Existential Love
Neurophysiology Love
Gender Differences
Videos: Readings from I and Thou

Children Adolescents and Family
Idea of Family
Compatibility and Karma
Needs, Goals and Errors
Generous Parent
Early Education
Good and Bad Behaviour
Talking and Cooperating
Belligerent Parents

The Brain
Medial Temporal Lobe
Cerebral Cortex
Innate Tendencies
Movement and Space
Sequences and Plans

Human Nature
Nature and Wilderness
Affiliation and Bonding
Status and Privilege
Cheating and Lying
System's Theory
Dream of Democracy
Liberals and Conservatives
Global Economy

The Good Person (Ethics and Morality)

Ethics and Morality
Humans, Ancient Creatures
Empathy and Love
High Standards
Ethics & Reproduction
Human Rights

Emotions and Feelings
Emotions are Social Behaviors
Feelings are For-Me-Ness
Dominance and Submission
Affiliation and Bonding
Feelings of Attraction
Feelings of Caring

Intelligence and Learning
Selftalk and Thinking
IQ Measurement
Social Intelligence
Best Teachers

Religion for the 21st Century
Beliefs, Illusions, Delusions
Religions, Politics and Control
Cognitive Boxes
We are One
Creation Myths
Myths of Alienation
Myths of Rapture
Humanism and Secular States
Religious Fanatics
Moral Authority
Wars and Religion
Liberating God
Thirty Propositions

Music Here you can download our Music in the MP3 format. Some music is free to download; other selections provide low cost access to music recorded at the Persona Digital Studio. Go to Persona Digital Studio for music discussions and information about recordings.

Persona Digital Online. Here you can download eBooks, digital documents, tutorials music and multimedia. We send digital documents all over the world. Payment is made through Pay Pal, either by credit card or member's account. Some electronic documents are free to download; others provide low cost access to valuable books, music, tutorials, audio and educational resources. Create a Persona account, add your selections to your shopping cart, checkout and start downloading. It's easy, fast and safe. Your email is your user ID. Persona Digital Online originates in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada.

Download Instructions: Open a new or existing Persona Digital account. Its fast, easy and safe. Start an order, and add eBooks, music and other digital files to your cart. Free eBooks are automatically marked paid. Checkout to complete your order and download by clicking the book link listed in your order. If you combine free books with books requiring payment, you will go to Pay Pal  when you checkout. After you complete payment, you return to your order and can download both the free and the paid books. If you leave the site, you can return to your account, logon, select your order and click the download links. Be sure to save your downloaded PDF and music files in a folder that you can can find later.

Persona Digital Books A series of books present important topics in psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. These are for the reader who wants a salient review of  the most essential topics to understand.


Adobe Portable Document Format  (PDF) is the standard for electronic document distribution worldwide. Adobe PDF preserves fonts, formatting, graphics, and colors in source documents. Adobe PDF files are compact and can be shared, viewed, and navigated  by anyone with free software. Most regular computer users already have Adobe's Reader installed and the reader is integrated into Microsoft's internet explorer. More on the Adobe Reader. The New Adobe Digital Editions, combines a reader, librarian and an interface to a number of portable devices such as the Sony Reader. Download Free Adobe Digital Editions

Printed book orders  are submitted to Alpha Online, a companion website with separate accounts. Physical shipments are limited to destinations in Canada, and the USA.

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