Language and Thinking
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Language and Thinking
by Stephen Gislason MD

Sounds into Words
Selftalk and Thinking
Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics
Sentences and Reasoning
Learning Language
Talking and Cooperating
Jargon and Clouds
Frames and Propaganda
Polite Talk
Insults & Taboo Words
Archetypes & Heroes

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Language and Thinking 2011

This is a must read book by Stephen Gislason who simplifies complex issues and introduces new and sometimes surprising insights. Click the topics (left) to read from the book. The 2011 edition is available as a printed book for mail delivery or as a download from Persona Digital Online.

From the introduction.

"Humans resemble other animals in their ability to communicate. Communications involve chemical senses, sounds, body language, and visual signals. Communication is all about community, sharing information, sending warning signals and fulfilling the needs of the group. Human languages combine many different expressions of communication in a complex manner. Ideas about written language tend to dominate scholarly investigations, but sounds and gestures have been more important in the evolution of communication systems.

Speaking is a spontaneous feature of the brain, and all normal children will speak if they hear a language spoken; any language will do. Older infants imitate words they hear spoken and if adults engage them in conversation, will expand their vocabularies and start to make meaningful statements. 

Words go with gestures Young children point with a pudgy index finger and say the name their pointer indicates. Pointing and naming remains an endearing characteristic for the rest of a human life. Babies follow the path of language evolution. Their progress is from the description of the immediate and concrete objects to making abstract statements about events.  The first thing you do when you are learning a language is point and name. You invent nouns. Little tykes can get a lot accomplished with their pointing finger and a few nouns. Tourists in a foreign country revert to the two-year-old strategy of pointing, naming, using pantomime to replace the verbs they do not know. "


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Language and Thinking
Intelligence  Learning

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